At IC2R Researchers develop new customized catalysts (acid-base and re-dox) for new applications using low impact technologies such as solventless conditions.

One of the achievements of Researchers at IC2R is the solid state synthesis of mixed oxides with tunable acid and basic properties or redox properties, active in several different processes. IC2R catalysts produce high quality FAMEs in water-free conditions from bio-oil extracted from aquatic biomass with complete transesterification of lipids and esterification of Free Fatty Acids (FFAs) present up to a limit of 20% w/w.

The production of stable catalysts for the synthesis of acyclic carbonates from alcohols and CO2 or cyclic carbonates from polyols and CO2 or urea has been achieved.

Photocatalysts that may promote direct C-H carboxylation or CO2 conversion into energy rich C1 species using visible light is another area of expertise of IC2R Researchers.