The mission of IC2R is the implementation of the Circular Economy through carbon recycling. The utilization of CO2 as building block for chemicals and materials or as a source of carbon for fuels is a key part of our strategy. The use of non-eatable biomass (cellulosic and oily) completes our approach to an effcicient use of resources and carbon recycling. IC2R develops new catalysts based on abundant metals (non precious) which are recoverable and reusable in innovative processes that minimize the waste production, working in solventless conditions or in water. IC2R use photocatalysis for functionalization (carboxylation) of organic substrates.


In alignment with the latest EC recommendations [Gendered Innovations 2: How inclusive analysis contributes to research and innovation, European Commission, July 2020], IC2R Ltd considers that integrating sex and/or gender analysis into the research and innovation would add the value in terms of excellence, creativity, and business opportunities; address the diverse needs of citizens of the EU and by this also barriers and potentials as basis to enhance the societal relevance of the knowledge, technologies and innovations produced; also contributing to ensure the relevance to market of IC2R Ltd. For this reason, IC2R Ltd is committed to incorporating sex and gender analyses in its R&I process, from engineering of the system to its validation and sustainability assessment.

IC2R Ltd has enforced since its birth the key principle: equal work – equal rights – equal pay.