Founded in 2013, IC2R Ltd is based on the scientific knowledge and know-how developed during years at the international level by the Aresta’s Research Group. Research is focused on the development of catalysts and innovative processes for the use of CO2 or residual biomass as raw material for the synthesis of fine-chemicals and materials or as a carbon source for the production of fuels. Aims are the reduction of waste and the direct or indirect use of COand residual biomass. Among target compounds we can list: organic carbonates (acyclic and cyclic), acrylates, carbamates, methanol, functionalized alkanes C2+, fuels. Despite its short story, IC2R Ltd is owner of national and international patents on the synthesis of catalysts and innovative processes. Its founders are co-inventors of patents transferred to large European companies.

IC2R Ltd business model is B2B.

Prof. Michele Aresta    CV

President of the Scientific Commitee:
Prof. Angela Dibenedetto   CV